Glass Screen Replacement For Samsung:




S3, S3 Mini,

S4, S4 Mini,

S5 AND S5 Mini,

S6, S6 Edge,

Note 2, Note 3, Note 4

Samsung Mobile LCD Screen Repair And Replacement

Samshed or cracked screen on Samsung mobile or having a problem in charging? We can help at
Gadget Workshop Edinburgh we are specialise in professional and fast repairs of all models of
Samsung mobile phones like Samsung S, S2, S3, S3, S5,  S6, S6 Edge, Note, Note 2, Note3, Note 4, Samsung Galaxy Ace,
Ace2, Ac3 etc. If you have broken, damage or samshed LCD screen or front glass on any Samsung
mobile phonewe can repair or replace the damage screen.

If you have broken glass on Samsung S3, S4, S5, S3 Mini, S4, S4 Mini, S5, S5 Mini, S6, S6 Edge, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4 but the bottom LCD still working good we can replace the glass only which will be less costly.

Charging Pin Or Socket Repair For Samsung Mobile Phone

If your Samsung mobile is not charging or you have to move the cable to certain angel to charge we can replace your charging pin. All samsung mobile phones have common fault with the charging pin if you phone is not charging or you have to move your cable to get it charge this mean your Samsung phone charging socket need replacement. We can replace the charging socket on all samsung mobile like Galaxy S, S2, S3, S4, S3 mini, S4 mini, Ace, Ace 2, Note 2, Note 3, S5 etc.

Battery Replacement For Samsung Mobile Phones

If your Samsung mobile phone battery draining very quickly or not lasting for longer time this
indicates fault with the battery of yourSamsung mobile phone. We offer replacement battery
for all Samsung mobile phones like Samsung S, S2, S3, S4, S5,  S6, S6 Edge, Note, Note 2 Note 3, Note 4 Galaxy
Ace, Ace 2, Ace 3 etc.

Samsung Mobile Phone loosing Signal Or Low Reception

Some time Samsung mobile phone can have common problem of loosing signals or no signal at all.
This problem could be caused by faulty reception antenna inside you Samsung mobile phone.
We can replace you faulty Samsung reception antenna with new one in our Edinburgh store.

Software Problems Or Update Failure On Samsung Mobile Phone

Samsung mobile phone occasionally face software related issue. Most of these occur while you
updating you device or loading customfirmware on Samsung mobile phone. We can restore you
Samsung mobile phone to its original factory settings in the matter of few hours.

Post Your Samsung Mobile Phone Repair

you can also post you Samsung mobile phone to us we will repair and post it back to you. To Post
your repair please follow this link Post Your Samsung Phone.

 Now we offer same day glass replacement for Samsung S3, S4, S3 mini, S4 mini, Note 2.

We can replace the broken glass of your Samsung mobile phone in a matter of few hours with 90 days warranty. All our Samsung mobile phone glass repair using UV LOCA Glue same use by Samsung unlike out competitor we do not use double sided tape.

We offer free repair estimates on all Samsung mobile phones.

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