Most of us are stressed and tired with all the professional and personal commitments that at the end of the day, we want to just relax and head to a fantasy world where you are the one saving the world from aliens or hundreds of zombies. This is the reason why game consoles are becoming popular day by day and they are not just for the kids, adults love them too. So, what do you do if your console develops a fault or ceases to work one day?

Our professional team specializes in game console repairs and also offers upgrades. From the current generation platforms to the older versions, we can offer you solutions so that you can get back to gaming in no time. If you are having trouble with your handheld consoles, we have help fix that too.

Most repair companies will tell you that the gaming consoles are too complicated to be repaired.


wii-repairAt Gadget Workshop Edinburgh we repair all faults with Nintendo Wii,Nintnedo 3ds,Dsi,Ds lite.

If you are having Problem with your Nintendo Wii.Is your Wii not reading games or game stuck inside? Is your Wii controller not synchronizing or the game is freezing or anything else? We can help you we repair all problem on Wii in our Edinburgh repair center. We offer our customer free estimates that’s mean we will not charge until you are happy with our repair quotation. We can repair your Nintendo Wii very fast our turn around time 1-3 days.

We can repair broken Nintendo drive, if your Nintendo not reading games or taking long to load games or not accepting games most likely it's fault with your Nintendo Wii laser or drive. If you Nintendo Wii not powering on or not giving any video output please check all your cable are connected and try to switch off your Nintendo wii unplug all the cable reconnect them and turn on Wii if the problem persist please visit our Edinburgh repair centre or call us to get free repair quotation. All ours Nintendo Wii repairs are guaranteed for 90 days.

XBOX ONE, Xbox 360 and Xbox slim repairs

We take care of all types of XBOX ONE, Xbox 360 and Xbox slim repairs, and we take great pride in our quality of work and service. All our repairs are guaranteed.  

All our Xbox repairs go through rigorous testing to ensure that the repair has been successful, if it turns out that your Xbox ONE, Xbox 360 or Xbox slim is one of the minority that5Xbox 360 repairs cant be repaired then we will give you it back at no charge for the effort or time put into trying to repair your Xbox ONE, Xbox or Xbox slim.

We can do all repairs such as laser replacement,Red Ring Of Death(ROD), Over heating, Wireless problems, power issues,Freezing,Blank Screen,Over heating, xbox slim tray stuck,Xbox slim not loading profile,Xbox slim hard drive replacement, Xbox ONE,xbox 360 or xbox slim power supply repair etc. All our xbox 360 or Xbox slim repairs are guaranted which cover not only tha part we use but also the labour.

If you are not sure about the fault or have more than 1 fault on your Xbox ONE or xbox slim we offer free inspection, after inspection we will call you with repair quote. Some of the most common Xbox 360 faults are

  • Xbox or Xbox slim showing 3 red lights
  • xbox or Xbox slim showing one red light.
  • Xbox not reading game or tray not opening or stuck.
  • Xbox drive tray stuck and not closing.
  • xbox freezing randoly showing black screen.
  • xbox not loading profile or stuck on startup screen.
  • Xbox slim drive tray stuck.


If your Xbox 360 or xbox slim has any of these problem or any other problem contact us to arrange repair.Our turn around times are extremely quick, we can finish most of xbox 360 and xbox slim r
epair with 1 to 3

PlayStation Repairs PS3, PS3 SLIM, PS4

At Gadget Workshop, we take care of all types of PlayStation 3 repairs, and we take great pride in our quality of work and service. All out repairs are guaranteed. We can repair PS3 Fat,PS3 Slim And PS3 super slim.

All our Repairs go through rigorous testing to ensure that the repair has been successful, if it turns out that your PS3(play station 3) is one of the minority that can’t be repair then we will give you it back at no charge for the effort or time put into trying to repair your PS3.

We can repair most of PS3 faults in just few days such as laser replacement or not reading games, Yellow Light (YLOD), Red Light (RLOD), Blue Ray(Bluray) Drive is not working, game stuck in Blue Ray(Bluray) drive, Wireless problems, power issues, Freezing, Blank Screen, Over heating etc.

Some of the most common issues with the PS3

  • PS3 not reading or not loading games this could be faulty Blue Ray laser or Blue Ray(Bluray) drive.
  • Play Stattion 3 not ejecting or taking discs or disc stuck inside.
  • PS3 shows yellow light and cuts off with Red light continues to blink indicates faulty graphic of Play Station
  • PS3 freezing while playing games again this could be a faulty Blue Ray(Bluray) laser or garphic fault.
  • Blank screen on the Play Stattion 3 can be caused by faulty ps3 hard drive or graphic failure.


If your PS3 have any of these issues we can help you to fix your PS3.Our turnaround times are extremely quick, we guarantee most of our PS3 repair within 1 to 3 working days. All our PS3 repair are guaranteed.

To get free repair quotation give us call today Or Fill in our simple inquiry form.