If you cannot charge your laptop, or the laptop is not powering on this might be because
of a faulty charger or laptop charging pin needed repair. Try and check whether the laptop is charging with another same voltage charger. If you do not have another laptop charger, drop in to our Edinburgh branch and our friendly technicians can help.

If you still cannot charge your laptop it is likely that the Dc socket of your laptop is broken and needed repair. This can happen if the laptop is dropped or has taken a few bumps. This can also happen if the charging pin or dc jack pin is broken or the motherboard is damaged.
We can repair most of broken laptop dc socket charging pin in few days in our Edinburgh store.
The repair cost depeneds on make and model and dc socket of the laptop. We can give you free repair quotation for replacing the charging pin our the phone.

At Gadget Worksho Edinburgh we offer :

Replacement of a faulty DC socket usually takes between 1 or 2 working days in our Edinburgh store.
We fully replace and fit the new DC Jack charging socket.
Price varies depending on your laptop model but we aim to be fast service.
You can call us to get price for you laptop Dc repair.
Our laptop repairs are fully guaranteed and insured.