We support Sony Phone Repairs

From broken screens to water damage, we fix any and all Sony Phone problems.

Check our list of common issues below:


  • Sony Phone microphone problems
  • Sony Phone network problems
  • Sony freezing/hanging problem
  • Sony Phone charging problems
  • Sony intermittent switching off
  • Sony Phone short battery life
  • Sony Phone Software problems
  • Sony Phone speaker problems
  • Sony Phone not powering on
  • Sony Phone touchpad repairs

We will fix any problem with your Sony Phone.

Non-warranty repairs include:

  • Warranty has expired
  • Warranty has been voided
  • Sony Phone broken screen
  • Sony Phone body/cover change
  • Sony Phone water damage
  • Sony Phone Accidental Damage

Sony Mobile Phone Repair Edinburgh

Sony Xperia Mobile Phone repair edinburgh

At Gadget Workshop Edinburgh we repair all models of Sony Xperia mobile phones. Sony Xperia Z
Xperia Z1, Z2, Z3, Z ULTRA, Xperia t, Xperia SXperia X10 mini etc. We can replace the broken or damage
Xperia mobile screen in few hours with 90 days waranty.

Some Of The Most Common Sony Xperia Mobile Phone Repair

Screen Repair and Replacement for all models of Sony Xperia

We can repalace the screen of all models of Sony Xperia mobile phones like Xperia Z, Xperia Z1,
Xperia Z2 etc. All our screen repair gauranteed for 90 days.

Sony Xperia Charging port repair or repalecement

If the charging pin or charging socket of your Sony Xperia mobile phone is damage we can repair
or replace the charging socket on all models of Sony Xperia mobile phone in our Edinburgh store.
We offer free repair quote for all charging pin repairs.

Battery replacement for all models of Sony Xperia

If your Sony Xperia mobile phone battery draining very quick or not lasting long even after fully
charge its could be because of faulty or damage battery. We offer battery replacement for all
models of Sony Xperia mobile phones in our Edinburgh store.

Sony Xperia Low signals or loosing signals problem

If you getting very poor signal reception on your Sony Xperia mobile phone this could be caused
by damage signal antenna in your sony mobile phone which can be replaced to get better reception

Gadget Workshop repairs affordable and professional Sony repairs service covers the whole of
the Edinburgh, so whether you have Sony xperia z , xperia t, xperia s, xperia t, xperia x10 mini
& others we are the professional and affordable repair service in Edinburhg.

Sony Xperia Mobile Phone Warranty, Support And Driver

Sony Xperia Z, Z1, Z2, Z3 Z ultra Repairs in Edinburgh with 3 months warranty .